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Realty for Everyone

Paradise Real Value is the most powerful wealth building tool exceptionally available with Paradise Real Infra Pvt. Ltd. It has been a part of our success strategy of initiate participation of small, medium and big investors in real estate market. We have created a platform and system where even the smallest investor can leverage the benefits of real estate growth story which was until now privilege of the big investors and who understand the business.

With in depth research and consulting countless financial wizards and real estate gurus, we have finally conceptualized this revolutionary system. This unique system enables you to invest in Residential, commercial and Land real estate properties suiting to your needs and requirements. You can invest in smallest quantity of square feet units as per your choice in from our property inventory.

The Revolutionary concept of


Paradise Real Infra has come up with a revolutionary idea if retailing and trading the Real Estate properties. Investment in real estate was prerogative of big investors. Until now it was not possible to invest in real estate property in small parts. Paradise Real Value is all set to change the paradigm; we have created a platform where even the smallest investor can utilize his power of saving and join the real estate bandwagon and benefit. Investors will reap benefits in two ways one recurring and second accumulated.

Proven Track Record Solid Performance


PPost liberalization era Indian market is witnessing great investment. People have extra leveraged income and need for investment. Highly increasing cost of living, uncertainty of continued income, rising cost of education- healthcare are key driver for investment. Everyone wants to have a secure future and there is no other alternative then to invest. One has to know how to use his/her savings to generate higher returns. Availability of too many options and no clear idea about these choices is creating a hostile situation for the investor to choose the best among the available alternatives.

An investor has several investment alternatives to choose from, depending on his risk profile and expectation of returns. Investor can choose the most suitable investment on the basis of his/her risk tolerance.

REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT - Best Available Option

Today real estate invest is choice of most of the investors. It gives sense of safety and high returns. Returns from investing in property come from rental income and from any increase in the value of property over time. In Indian market rental income is pretty low so recurring income is not handsome in this sector.

REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT - Until Challenge For Small Investors

Though real estate invest is very popular and gives highest yield it is prerogative of only select few who are bless with big investments. Plus there is limitation in recurring income. Investors with small and medium size investment were not able play in real estate.

Paradise Real Value is all set to challenge this challenge and creating a platform and system where all small, medium and big investor will have opportunity to participate and benefit. In addition, we are also making recurring income more attractive.


Developing a Sustainable and Successful future

Paradise Real Infra (PRI) is one of the fastest growing real estate companies based in Surat, Gujarat, India. Spearheaded by young, dynamic and passionate leadership, PRI is motivated to invest in high quality residential and commercial properties and land in all rising sectors. With over 5 years of experience in property investment, development and construction; PRI has a proven track record in providing service excellence to tenants and delivering superior risk-adjusted returns to investors with high quality homes, offices and land.

Paradise Real Infra is a young and vibrant realty company with lot of passion and burning ambitions. The passion ignited our action. We do meet customer aspirations by adding value to our project design, customer services, meeting deadlines or even thinking creatively. Our strict adherence to quality and commitment helps us to stand apart from the competition. That helped us to acquire the ISO 9001: 2008 certification. Our construction and projects related activities conform to the ISO standards. We are an investor friendly company, committed to deliver value and good yield to investors.