Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1 ) Retailing Realty – what is this new concept by Paradise Real Value (PRV)?

    Paradise Real Infra has come up with a revolutionary idea if retailing the Real Estate properties. On this new concept inventor can invest in smaller square feet units, according to his requirement. For example, if there is a 1000 square feet property, our system will enable investors to invest in 10 Sq. Ft. also. So, these smaller units from one property will be sold to a number of investors.

  • 2 ) How PRV works?

    Paradise Real Value is the most powerful wealth building tool exceptionally available with Paradise Real Infra Pvt. Ltd. It has been a part of our success strategy of initiate participation of small, medium and big investors in real estate market. We have created a platform and system where even the smallest investor can leverage the benefits of real estate growth story which was until now privilege of the big investors and who understand the business.

    With in depth research and consulting countless financial wizards and real estate gurus, we have finally conceptualized this revolutionary system. This unique system enables you to invest in Residential, commercial and Land real estate properties suiting to your needs and requirements. You can invest in smallest quantity of square feet units as per your choice in from our property inventory.

  • 3 ) What is the need of this new concept – Why PRV?

    If we look current scenario of Investment in market, real estate is the best available option compare to others.

    Real estate is prerogative of big investors. Until now it was not possible to invest in real estate property in small parts. Paradise Real Value is all set to change the paradigm; we have created a platform where even the smallest investor can utilize his power of saving and join the real estate bandwagon and benefit.

  • 4 ) How can you give such a high return on investment? Is it sustainable?

    Primarily we will invest in real estate sector which solely is capable to give sustainable and expected returns. Apart from this Paradise Group is operational in many other spheres like Media, Interior Designing, Events & Entertainment, Advertising, Project Consultancy and Jewellery. Thus, we are sure that we will be able to generate sustainable & high return on Investment and pass it to over investors who have confidence in us.

  • 5 ) Is all properties title clear?

    Yes, you can have a peace of mind when you invest with us because all our property are title clear and bank approved.

  • 6 ) How do I get benefits?

    Investors will reap benefits in return on investment in two ways :

    • Recurring (renting) and
    • Accumulated.

  • 7 ) What is “Recurring Income”?

    Recurring income is similar to renting income. You will get recurring benefit of 12 % per annum (1% per month) for five years on your invested sum. For example, Investment amount is 1, 00,000/- Recurring return per month Rs. 1000 for 60 months totalling to Rs. 60,000/-

  • 8 ) What is “Accumulated Return”?

    Investor will get accumulated return after 5 years of maturity. There are two types:

    • Fix Return : Investors will get recurring benefit of 100% in five years of maturity period.
    • Property Rate Rise Return : Investors will get return as per rise in square feet rate While investing you have to choose either of the option.

    For example : Investment amount is 1, 00,000/- and square feet rate is Rs. 2500/- investor will be allotted 40 Sq. ft. & his benefit will be :

    Total Return On Investment Fix Return Property Rate Rise Return
    Invested some Rs. 1,00,000/ Rs. 1,00,000/
    Recurring Return 1% /.month X 60 months Rs. 60,000 Rs. 60,000
    Accumulated Return 100% after five years Rs. 1,00,000/ --
    Accumulated Return after five years
    (Per sq. return Rs. 5500-2500 = Rs. 3000 per sq. feet X 40 sq feet)
    -- Rs. 1,20,000
    Total investment + Return Rs. 2, 60,000/- Rs. 2,80,000/-

  • 9 ) What is the duration of investment?

    Duration of investment is 5 years or 60 month.

  • 10 ) Can I withdraw my investment before maturity period (5 years)?

    In case of withdrawal before maturity, investor have to advise us at least 15 days in advance and 15% for closer charge will be levied on invested sum. Investor will get only recurring monthly benefit until the withdrawal time. He/she will not be entitled for accumulated benefit.

  • 11 ) Thanks, but are you sure you will be able to provide benefits as mentioned above?

    Yes, definitely. We will provide legal documents like, Receipt of Payment, Notarised MoU Stating all details or post dated cheque and Investment Certificate. Moreover, we will primarily invest this money in real estate sector which is capable enough to generate viable profit. We are also operating in spheres like Media, Interior Designing, Events & Entertainment, Advertising, Project Consultancy and Jewellery.

  • 12 ) Great, beside this, is there any other benefit your company will provide?

    Yes, our company is providing Personal Accident Insurance Policy along with all the investment made.

    • Investment Rs. 10,000/- to 19,999/- : Sum Assured Rs. 1,00,000/-
    • Investment Rs. 20,000/- to 39,999/- : Sum Assured Rs. 2,00,000/-
    • Investment Rs. 40,000/- to 99,999/- : Sum Assured Rs. 5,00,000/-
    • Investment Rs. 1,00,000/- to 5,00,000/- : Sum Assured Rs. 10,00,000/-

    For more details contact us.

  • 13 ) But Retail Realty Projects, I heard, are of big size developed with investment of huge amount; how do I get involved with small amount on hand?

    Yes, that is why PRV is devised. You can invest only a small fixed amount per plots or flats and become the part of PRV (Minimum investment starts from Rs. 10,000/-).

  • 14 ) You mean to say, by just investing a fixed amount in homes, offices and land today, do I own that property?

    As you are investing in a part of particular property you not own that property. Ownership of the property will remain with PRV. A part of the property is virtually allotted to you as a security. Property will be managed by PRV. Any income or expense generated by that particular property will be responsibility of PVR.

  • 15 ) What is Paradise Real Value’s vision?

    PRV’s vision is clear and simple “Realty for everyone”. Our aim is benefit of real estate sector should reach to the smallest investor.

  • 16 ) Who are people behind PRV?

    Team PRV is loaded with vision, enthusiasm, passion and positivity. We are a young and dynamic team and experience and expertise from different walks of business and life. Dedication and commitment keeps us moving to work for all round growth.

    Driving force of PRV is winning team consisting Ghanshyam Rakholiya (Chairman), Dr. Sharad Gandhi (Vice Chairman), Manish Tomar (Managing Director), Bharat Gandhi (Chief Operating Officer), Nikul Patel (Chief Marketing Officer) and Mohd. Rafi (Chief Executive Officer).

  • 17 ) Why should I invest in PRV?

    We offer handsome return on investment; our transparency and investor friendly approach will make investor hassle free – enjoyable investment experience.

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